Monday, 16 June 2014

Former Apple Online Store Executives Hired by Pinterest for Key Roles

Pinterest is trusting its future on the hands of two former Apple employees who are from ecommerce background and worked in Apple Online Stores. It was announced on the 10th of June that it has hired Michael Lopp as the company’s engineering head and hired Bob Baxley as product design head. Bob Baxley worked in Apple for many years as design director while Michael Lopp worked in Apple for 9 years before shifting to Palantir Technologies in the year of 2010.

Baxley used to work in Yahoo before joining Apple in 2006 and he spearheaded Apple efforts to bring its online store at par with the modern web standards and after that even helped in the designing of Apple store app. Michael Lopp on the other hand, was part of the Mac OS X Server’s engineering team and later lead the engineering team in the online store of Apple.

Pinterest announced that as they are building a visual search engine, they are happy to have two of the industry’s leaders in their team. While the work of Lopp will be scaling the infrastructure of Pinterest, Baxley’s work involved creating the interface that helps millions of users discover things that they love.

Lopp writes his own blog using the pen name Rand and has written books on software development and engineer management. Baxley has published a book named ‘Making Web Work’.

Earlier this year, a fund of $200 million was raised by Pinterest and its current worth or value is $5 billion.